Welcome to the Creole Nature Trail

Visitor Center: 1205 North Lakeshore Drive, Lake Charles, LA 70601

Welcome to the Creole Nature Trail - a 180-mile long adventure awaits as you begin your journey through what is affectionately known as Louisiana's Outback. The Creole Nature Trail is one of the oldest and most acclaimed Scenic Byways in America and is recognized as an All-American Road. You will soon see why! The Creole Nature Trail will take you through a land that is constantly being changed by the forces of nature. In many places the distinction between land and sea is ambiguous - you will experience vast wetlands - you will see water-saturated soils and soil-filled waters. The highway will appear to be floating in a marsh for much of the way. You will learn that the Gulf of Mexico is turning the land into sea. You will come to appreciate the residents who live hand-in-hand with the land. Even today, a typical family here eats three meals a week from the wetlands - shrimp, crabs, oysters, and fish. During hunting season deer, ducks and geese find their way to local tables. You'll learn that it is not just the wildlife resources that support life in Louisiana, but the mineral resources under the land and sea. Along the Creole Nature Trail you'll see that Louisiana's Outback is wild, rich and resilient. It is our goal to serve as your personal tour guide like we're leaning over the back seat of your car pointing out significant and beautiful things as you drive along. So let's get started!